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Before/After images

A bathroom with a shower and tiled walls
A white shower stall with gray tile and a silver grate
A bathroom sink with a marble counter top.
A bathroom sink with granite counter top and white tile
A dirty bathtub with rust and water stains.
A white bathtub with a shower head and seat.
A bathroom sink with soap and lotion on the counter.
A bathroom sink with soap and lotion on the counter.
A bathroom with a toilet, sink and bathtub.
A bathroom with dark blue walls and white fixtures.
A room with hard wood floors and a window.
A room with hard wood floors and a cleaning equipment
A bed room with a large bed and a chair
A bedroom with a bed and a bed lamp on the side
A room with bags and suitcases on the floor
A chair in the middle of a room with a desk
A kitchen with lots of clutter on the counter top.
A kitchen with a sink and a microwave on the counter top
A dirty stove with burnt marks on it.
A white stove with four burners and black top.
A living room with lots of trash on the floor.
A living room with a leather couch and chair
A room with many bird cages and a table
A room with dirt on the wooden flooring and a table
A bathroom ceiling fan with dirt on two blades.
A white ceiling fan with a vent on the side of it.
A dirty oven with its door open and the lid closed.
A picture of the oven with two wires in it
A room with exercise equipment on the floor.
A treadmill and a baby chair in the corner of a room
A black sink with white patches on top of a counter.
A picture of the black sink after cleaning
A toilet with brown marks seat up and no lid.
A picture of the toilet seat after cleaning
A living room with chairs and tables in the corner
A picture of the living room with sofa and a table
A bathroom with a sink, mirror and trash can.
A picture of the table and chairs in the conference room
A room with a desk and a blue counter.
A slanting bed on the wooden floor in a room